Federal law requires that Local Workforce Development Boards periodically develop a regional workforce plan which includes an analysis of:

  • regional economic conditions
  • existing and emerging in-demand industry sectors and occupations
  • employment needs of employers in those sectors and occupations
  • labor market information, trends, and challenges
  • workforce education and training activities that are addressing those needs.

The Plan must also include the Board’s strategic vision and goals, its strategy for working with other community partners to align resources, and how it will engage employers in workforce development programs.

The Plan includes a description of the One Stop Career Center delivery system in the region, including programs and services for disadvantaged adults, dislocated workers, and youth, and is accompanied by a description of annual Performance Goals and the kind and amount of federal workforce allocations available to support them.

At the links below are the most recent Workforce Plan for the Franklin Hampshire Region and the area’s most recent Annual Performance Goals and allocations. 

FY 19 Annual WIOA Plan

FY 18 Annual WIOA Plan

FY18 Initial WIOA Four-Year Local Plan 7-1-2017:  Franklin Hampshire Local Plan Package

FY17 WIOA Plan Executive Summary

FY17 WIOA Plan Performance and Goals

FY16 WIOA Plan Executive Summary

FY16 WIOA Plan Performance and Goals