Dehydrated Urine For Drug Screens

Many leading companies have their employees or potential employees submit to drug screens for all kinds of reasons. The most common screens are pre-employment tests while others are administered after a workplace accident has occurred.

For the vast majority of jobs, your employer could care less if you’re hitting the bong after a long hard day. The reason companies implement these practices is because their insurance providers require them to do so.

Or maybe you got into some trouble and the judge is making you take routine or random drug screens to prove you are clean. These types of scenarios can be incredibly stressful and nerve-wracking.

Whether you just landed that awesome new job, you have some type of drug charge, or you ran a forklift over your co-worker’s foot, here is a good method for passing a drug screen.

Using Dehydrated Urine to Pass a Drug Screen

Dehydrated or powdered urine is a product relatively new to the drug testing market. It is undetectable by most leading drug testing methods. It looks and behaves just like real urine and can be used to pass a drug screen.

If you suspect that you may have trouble passing a drug screen from an employer or a court, using dehydrated urine is one of the best methods. That’s because it is not your urine being used. Using cleansing drinks, for example, expose you to the risk of not cleaning out your system and leaving trace amounts of illicit drugs.

Dehydrated urine, however, is a completely different substance altogether so you do not have to worry about accidentally testing positive.

What is Dehydrated Urine?

It is a powder that is mixed with water to form a substance that is identified by the test as real urine but obviously missing any impurities that you’re trying to hide. It typically comes in a pouch or plastic container and needs to be mixed with warm water to become the liquid that appears to be urine.

How to Use Dehydrated Urine

The best-dehydrated urine can be mixed with warm water at home and maintain its solvency for a long time before you get to where your sample needs to be left. Lower quality products tend to clump up or become cloudy making them easy to spot by test administrators or making the test not register a result at all which can be suspicious.

Before your test, you must mix the powder with water. You then bring in the sample in a container and add it to the container provided by your testing administrator. There is an important caveat to this for those doing court-ordered drug screens.

Many probation and parole officers require subjects being tested to be watched. That’s right. You may be observed urinating into your sample cup which makes it incredibly difficult to pour foreign substances into the cup.

Where Does Dehydrated Urine Come From?

If you had to ask, we’ll tell you. There are companies that take huge quantities of actual human urine and dehydrate the urine in huge machines. The urine is then reduced to a fine powder which can later be hydrated to look like real urine.

Some higher-end products actually contain a heating strip that dissolves in water so that you do not have to add your own warm water. This comes in handy if you’re trying to take the powder into a bathroom to mix it right at the time of your test. Urine that is at a certain temperature can raise red flags with test administrators.


Powdered or dehydrated urine is one of the most effective strategies for passing an employer or court-sponsored drug screen. It can quickly be developed in a cup at home or even in a bathroom at the time of your test. Leading makers of dehydrated urine provide heat strips that allow you to create a warm urine sample without hot water.

Keep in mind that the very best way to successfully pass a drug screen is to abstain from drug use many days prior to your test. This ensures that you will not test positive or risk being caught trying to tamper with a drug screen in any way.