How to win with credit cards this end of the year?

How to win with credit cards this end of the year?

For many people, credit cards can be a double-edged sword; however, if you know how to use them correctly, you could earn more cashback, rewards and other benefits.

The use of plastic money during the New Year’s Eve to pay for marching, Internet shopping and other holiday gifts is something that most Costa Ricans do.

In that sense, an adequate knowledge of the conditions and promotions of your card would help you to use it strategically and thus take advantage of the benefits offered to cardholders.

In order to do this, different variables must be taken into consideration in order to be able to take advantage of the benefits, instead of having a bad time.


You should start with clear cash and cut-off dates, so you know when to consume in a timely manner.

Place all this within the budget, so as not to forget them and fall into arrears.

Remember that, for the end of the year, you receive several extra payments, of fixed the aguinaldo, but it can also be a bonus or extra compensation.

So define the amount you will use for that “Christmas” consumption, use it on credit, but pay it either in late December or early January, to earn points.

Be careful

Commissions, insurance, interest rates, late interest, among others, as well as your ability to pay, are items associated with the credit card, of which we must be aware and take into account to calculate payments.

Based on these parameters, entities urge users of these means of payment to make all their purchases with cards, in order to obtain the benefits they give to cardholders.

Miles, discounts in associated stores, payments to installments and payment facilities are part of the offers that may have who make use of their cards, however, highlights that people who are in default would lose some of these benefits such as miles.

Internet purchases made by card are among the main ones made by Costa Ricans and is also recommended by entities due to the security represented by making the payment against a debit card.

In order not to have surprises after the use of the credit card, it is mentioned that it is important to use only one product to bring a better order of things, but also, to have the cash to pay for purchases in due time and try not to overdraw it.

During the end of the year season, users with high debts are advised to make additional payments to those foreseen.

Regardless of the season of the year in which you are, experts always appeal that responsibility is acquired from the moment you acquire a credit card.


When purchasing a credit card, important dates must be taken into account for the correct use of the instrument. They will allow us to order finances and avoid payments for default interest.

The cutoff date

  • Indicates the purchases made by the customer in the month
  • Amount to be paid in cash
  • Payday limit

The payment deadline

  • Before this date, interest can be paid.
  • If cash is not available, make a minimum payment or a partial payment.
  • If you do not pay, interest starts to run.


The credit card is a financial instrument that can be used as an ally of your finances.


Director of Electronic Commerce

Banco Nacional

Because there is a greater influx of money at this time, the level of customer indebtedness decreases considerably, since these extraordinary revenues are used to make payments or extraordinary payments


Commercial Chief of Credit Cards

Banco Lafise

Using credit cards is the most recommended for online purchases, as there are websites that may not have adequate security parameters, and in case of any situation, if the card is secured, the customer can make a claim on the credit


Payment Media Manager


The best time to pay your credit card is before the cash payment date. For this time it is important to take care of consumption habits and not spend beyond our real possibilities according to our budget.


Chief Financial Adviser and Security


A rule of thumb is that from the first card cut that comes to us and there is not enough money, cancel; actions must be taken on the handling of the card.

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