Green Industries, Occupations, and Pathways

The most current and updated information on the green sector can be found on O*NET online, an online tool for career exploration and job analysis. O*NET contains detailed information on the current green economy and individual green occupations, including the skills most in-demand for those occupations.

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O*NET Green Sectors (broad categories of green jobs)

The work context may change, but the tasks themselves do not.

This new occupation could be entirely novel or "born" from an existing occupation.

The essential purposes of the occupation remain the same, but tasks, skills, knowledge, and external elements, such as credentials, have been altered.

Green Career Pathways

These pathways were developed by Alex Risley Schroeder and Kelly Bado as part of the Green Career Pathways project (click here for more information) as career-ladder-style maps of green industries and occupations. Click any job title to see a real example job posting from a local employer, complete with job description and requirements.

 Solar Power

Energy Efficiency

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